How to boost your stats

The statistics of your Online GTA character allow a lot of things. Having a high endurance will make you run longer, having strength will do more damage during your attacks … These skills are therefore not to be neglected. Here are some methods to boost them quickly.


Endurance is the easiest to increase, just sprint. Bonus, take a police stole and race with the police on foot and your stamina and heart will be boosted.

Buy a BMX and take it for your short trips. To go buy a weapon for example, take your bike! In addition to boosting your stamina, you will have an interesting role play.


Participate in gang attacks (pink areas on the map). In addition, the multi rival modes or duels are very rewarding if you get to hit headshots.


Take a fast car and drive rapidly very close to the other cars.That or lead to the opposite direction will give you all the points of conduct quickly.


Very simple: put yourself in Discreet mode (CTRL on PC) and walk in a circle, in town. The proximity with passers-by will boost you even faster, but still expect to walk a few kilometres…

Free diving

Dive into the water and swim until you are halfway up your snorkel bar. Reassemble, reload and try again.This method will take time but is worth it at the top level, when it will be necessary to escape from the police.


Fly at very high altitude, and below bridges.

Playing Poker

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Fight with pedestrians.

An infinitely faster method: with two players, one enters the driver's seat and the other hits him while staying outside. In 10 minutes, it's a 100% strength that you will find in your stats.

Golf also increases this stat.